Issao is specialized in Branding and Communication Strategy. As a designer, illustrator, and strategist, his works have been featured on global design platforms such as How Design, Behance and Ello, among other design and business strategy publications.

Based on a human-centric approach, his works translate a deep understanding of the essence of each client within a strong connection with their systemic environment, enabling brands and organisations to reach a clear market positioning alongside a compelling set of verbal and visual expressions.

Inspired by Buddhism, Nature and Technology, he believes in the power of design as a tool that bridges the gap between apparently separated universes. Most of his design works dialogue with dualities like Nature and Civilisation, Humanity and Technology, and Life and Death.

Former Director of Strategic Design at Mandalah, a global conscious innovation consultancy, Issao now works as a freelance consultant for purpose-driven organisations. He is also a partner in strategic consultancies like Trip, Arbex & Company, Reos Partners, MakerBrands, Sintropika and Mandalah, and a senior design advisor for SpacetimeLabs, Ubiratã, and Moray.

Direção de Arte e Design Ltda.
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