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AgTech revolution to ensure food security for all.

The impact of climate change is transforming the way companies are trying to solve food security issues that will likely affect the entire planet in a matter of years. A new agricultural revolution needs to be scaled up globally to increase the productivity of all major crops by 70%. At the same time, technology is allowing granular data accuracy, analysis, and diagnosis of plants and soils, expanding the frontiers of knowledge about their physiology, processes, and functioning, as a way to increase the quality and productivity of crops, not only through mitigation of problems such as pests and diseases but going further, by making it possible to understand and care for each plant individually.

Moray is a partnership involving world-leader in high-yield Soy-Maize-Cotton farming in the Cerrado (SLC Agrícola) with a Multi-Scale Per Plant Farming technology leader (SpaceTime Labs) delivering to the agriculture markets Digital Twins for system-wide optimization of Crop Protection 
and Nutrition solutions from the whole farm to individual plants, under a sense-predict-act logic.


Visual approach

The venture branding system was inspired by the technologies and social innovations developed 1.000 years ago in the Inca Empire to ensure food security for all. The Andes has unparalleled climatic and ecological variability condensed into its magnificent vertical and horizontal spaces. Inca Agricultural Technological and Social Innovations developed a century ago can be better understood as a successful adaptation approach to this extreme physiographic and climatic variability implementing the world’s first system-wide “Per Plant Digital Twins” at the heart of the Inca’s empire science-driven model. 



Visuals result from the exploration of the balance between the natural world and the technology that unlocks the potential of sustainable and regenerative agricultural operations on a large scale.


Branding, Information Design, Website: Fabio Issao

Year: 2020 — present

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